Anthony Greenwood


I am an animator, illustrator, musician, and graphic designer. I can provide services for animations, music, web design, and game design. I have provided a contact menu at the bottom of my portfolio. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. I will reply as soon as possible. I look forawrd to working with you.


My Services

Animation/ Game Design

Music/ Audio Production

Web Design/ Web Development


Here is some of my work:

Animation/ Game Design


This is a render of a VR headset I designed and created using Maya.

Music/ Audio Production

Logic Pro X

I composed the music, sound effects, and modeled the Sasquatch.

Web Design/ Development

Black Bird Website

This is a website that I created for a project. This serves as an example of my skillset. Both my portfolio and this site are both hand coded. Click here to visit the page.

Program Experience

Here are some programs I am proficient in:
  • Maya

  • Adobe Suite

  • Sublime Text

  • Visual Studio Code 2

  • Blender